marker, chalk, dust graffiti and stencil

[As the Romanian economy is growing, signs of prosperity are appearing all over the place. In Bucharest that is translated to an enormous, ever growing number of cars occupying the streets and the entire public space in the city. In a town that was never designed to have so many cars, the quality of life is decreasing strangely enough because of its prosperity. To underline this situation I started to draw simple car shapes in as many places as possible. I though that the graffitied cars, something generally seen as a violent, vandalizing form of expression, would bring attention to the real problem of the city which is the car pollution.

The simple car shape is an inspiration from the basic Dacia car design which was also the subject of a previous work of mine. It also emphasizes the fact that I cannot draw as my previous training to art was maths and physics.

The dot to dot stencil graffiti is an encouragement for the people to start drawing the car shapes.

The graffiti car shapes are also the staring point of a more complex installation I did in January 2007 at Akademie Schloss Solitude. ]